Valentine Buttard
    Elena Bobrovskikh

  • For over eight years, Duo Barcarolle has been performing with great success in France, Germany and Switzerland, perfecting the delicate art of four-hands piano. The duo has been invited to renowned festivals such as Lille Piano(s) Festival, the International Music Festival of Besançon and Piano à Saint-Ursanne/Switzerland, and appeared in the Musicales de Compesières concert series in Switzerland, the Salon de Musique en Franche-Comté concert program in France and in Germany in Hannover, Berlin, Osterode am Harz… Since 2010 they have performed in Germany and in France with great success and have already been invited to several renowned festivals including « Lille Piano(s) Festival » (June 2014) and the International Music Festival of Besançon (2011). Over and beyond the sparkle of a brilliant repertory, which the two pianists are by no means averse to, they seek the concentration, the harmony of gesture and breathing that transforms the four-hands piano into the instrument of a single performer. This is also the path which leads to the expressive depth and emotional intensity that characterizes their interpretations.

    PIANO DUO (four-hands) with Elena Bobrovskikh

    • Brahms J. :
      • Selection of Hungarian Dances
    • Chopin F. :
      • Variations in D Major
    • Debussy Cl.
      • Petite Suite
    • Fauré G.
      •  Dolly Suite op.56
    • Hindemith P.
      • Sonata
      • Three Beautiful Girls in the Black Forest, waltzes op.6
    • Moszkowski M. : 
      • New Spanish Dances op.65
    • Mozart WA. :
      • Sonata in B flat major, KV358    
      • Sonata in D major, KV381(123a)
    • Poulenc F. :
      • Sonata
    • Rachmaninov S.
      • Barcarolle, Russian Theme and Scherzo from op.11
      • Romance
    • Ravel M.
      • Suite Ma mère l'Oye
    • Schubert F.
      • Theme and variations in A flat majeur op.35
      • Ave Maria
    • Schumann R. :
      • Pictures from the East op.66
    • Weber C.M. von
      • six pièces op.3
    Biography Elena Bobrovskikh

  • They first played together when they were teenagers. Ten years later, they met again. The musical intensity of this new encounter and the enthusiasm and success of their first concerts were decisive. In 2011, they founded the Duo Hesperia. Olivia and Valentine, both of whom grew up in Belfort, France, continued their music studies in Germany. Particularly attuned to the two cultures they share, they preserve the refinement and elegance of their French origins while developing the rigor and musical depth of their adopted country. With great passion on the one hand, and a thoughtful and critical vision on the other, the two young women have joined forces to approach the vast and marvellous repertory for cello and piano. The artistic complicity between these two strong personalities lends a special colour to their playing. Through the dynamic interplay of their contrasted temperaments, the musicians of Duo Hesperia reach to the very core of the music they interpret.

    with Olivia Gay, cello

    • BeethoveL. van :
      • Sonata in F major  op.5 n°1
      • Sonata in A major op.69
    • Brahms J. :
      • Sonata in F major op.99
    • Debussy Cl. :
      • Sonata in D minor
    • Dvorak A. :
      • Rondo in G minor op.94
    • Pärt A. :
      • Fratres (version for cello and piano)
    • Prokoviev S. :
      • Sonata in C major op.119
    • Schubert :
      • Sonata in A minor for arpeggione and piano
    • Schumann R. :
      • Fantasiestücke op.73
      • Five Pieces in Folk Style op.102
    • Stravinsky I. :
      • Suite italienne